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Best Day Trips from Porto

Updated: Feb 10

Porto is amazing but if you have an extra day in the area, why not take a day trip? Visiting nearby cities is accessible by train, metro, or bus from Campanha station.

Six minutes walk from the Campanhã train station there is a coffee shop, Cafe Passaporte. Be sure to grab coffee and bagel sandwiches to-go to enjoy on the way!

Church beneath blooming gardens in Braga

1. Braga - Blend of Tradition and Trend:

  • Bom Jesus do Monte: Climb the grand staircase for epic views.

  • Santa Barbara Garden: Relax in the tranquility of this beautiful garden.

  • Braga Cathedral: Explore the oldest cathedral in Portugal.

  • Arcada Square: Soak in the charm of this historic square.

  • Raio Palace: Visit the Baroque masterpiece that is Raio Palace.

Castle and green area in Guimarães, Portugal

2. Guimarães - Historical Hotspot:

  • Guimarães Castle: Step back in time exploring this medieval marvel.

  • Palace of the Dukes of Braganza: Dive into the history of Braganza Dukes.

  • Largo da Oliveira: Stroll through this charming medieval square.

  • São Gualter Church: Marvel at the intricate architecture of this church.

  • Toural Square: Soak in the vibe of this lively city square.

Canal with colorful homes, cars and boats in Aveiro

3. Aveiro - Canal Cruising and Sweets:

  • Moliceiros Boat Ride: Glide through the canals on a traditional Moliceiros boat.

  • Aveiro Cathedral: Admire the stunning architecture of Aveiro Cathedral.

  • Ovos Moles: Treat yourself to the famous local sweet, Ovos Moles.

  • Forum Aveiro: Shop and dine at this modern shopping center.

  • Costa Nova: Check out the colorful striped houses on the beach.

Vineyard and lots of greenery in Douro

4. Douro Valley - Sip, Savor, Stroll:

  • Vineyards Galore: Explore rolling vineyards and maybe stomp a few grapes.

  • Douro River Cruise: Take a chill boat ride along the scenic Douro River.

  • Port Wine Tasting: Sip on the good stuff at local wineries.

  • Mateus Palace: Marvel at the grandeur of Mateus Palace.

  • Regua Train Station: Admire the vintage charm of Regua's train station.

Rocks, waves and people in Matosinhos

5. Matosinhos - Beach Bliss and Seafood Feasts:

  • Matosinhos Beach: Unwind on the sandy shores or catch some waves.

  • Sea Life Porto: Discover marine wonders at Sea Life Porto aquarium.

  • Senhor do Padrão Church: Visit the iconic church with panoramic views.

  • Matosinhos Market: Dive into the vibrant local market scene.

  • Seafood Restaurants: Feast on the freshest seafood at local beachside eateries.

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