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One Day Itinerary of Must-See Places in Porto, Portugal

Updated: Feb 10

Only have one or two days in Porto? We've got you covered! We've compiled an itinerary of our must-see places so you can have a stress-free visit to the city.

9:00 am: Breakfast at Cafe Passaporte

Every weekend getaway needs to start with a good coffee. Start your day at Cafe Passaporte, a specialty coffee shop near Campanha train station. Cafe Passaporte has a modern and bright interior space decorated with plants and travel guidebooks. In the summer, you'll also be able to enjoy their outdoor seating while having a seasonal drink or your regular coffee order. We recommend getting a flat white and a bagel with cream cheese!

Glass windows and decorated ceiling at Sao Bento train station in Porto

10:00 am: São Bento Train Station

After breakfast, walk 7 minutes downhill to Campanha train station and get a ticket to Sao Bento station at the kiosk for 2 euros. When you arrive at Sao Bento station, take in the views of tiles and the large windows of one of the most beautiful train stations.

Cathedral in downtown Porto

10:30 am: Porto Cathedral

From the train station, walk only 6 minutes to one of my favorite attractions in the whole city! For only 3 euros (2 euros as a student), you can see the beautiful cathedral and the courtyard on the first level, walls covered in blue tile on the second level, and a lookout with views of the city, river, and bridge on the third level.

11:30 am: Dom Luís I Bridge

A quick 2-minute walk from the Porto Cathedral is the start of Ponte de Dom Luís I, another must-see attraction in Porto. Walk across the bridge and enjoy the views of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, and the river. When you make it to the other side, take a seat at Jardim do Morro, a park with the best views of Porto! If you have time later in your trip, come back to this spot for sunset!

1:00 pm: Lunch at Brasão

Directly next to Jardim do Morro is a Metro station, take the metro going toward Hospital Sao Joao and ride it 2 stops to Aliados station. From there, Brasão is only 1 minute's walk away! Here, you can eat Porto's famous sandwich, the Francesinha!

2:30 pm: Clérigos Tower

Eight minutes walk from the restaurant is a famous view-point attraction, Clérigos Tower! See the church and walk up the stairs for an amazing view of the city.

4:00 pm: Livraria Lello

Two minutes from the tower lies Livraria Lello, a famous bookstore rated one of the best in the world. Rumored to have inspired J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter series, the bookstore is full of amazing architecture and well worth the visit!

River in Porto with green and city views

5:30 pm: Parque das Virtudes

Next, walk only 6 minutes to one of the most unique parks in the city, Parque das Virtudes. The park is built vertically, terraced with many levels. Enter the gates and explore the park with beautiful views before dinner.

7:00 pm: Dinner at Travessa de Cedofeita

In the neighborhood of Cedofeita, there is an alley full of amazing tapas and Portuguese restaurants. Some of our favorites include Rua Tapas Music Bar, Coupage 51, and Museu d'Avo.

9:30 pm: Drinks at Gallerias de Paris

From dinner, you're already in the best place to go out in the city! With multiple streets lined with bars and clubs, you can spend all night at Gallerias de Paris!

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